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Comments from easywalker customers

A lot of my customers are now interested in easywalker, it’s a great new product and I’m happy to work with it!

Elleieke Fransen – Farrier/Netherlands

I wasn’t surprised when he moved better, I wasn’t surprised when he jumped better and I wasn’t even surprised when he stopped bruising his heels, but I was however surprised when he gained 3 degrees of nice heel growth and also thicker stronger hoof walls after only two shoeings.

Curt de Amgelis – Farrier/USA

This shoe answered many of the questions I am faced with in my practice. After orthopaedically trimming the hoof I can now apply the easywalker shoe in confidence that I am not compromising the flexibility and biomechanical function of the hoof.

Darrel Clifford – Farrier/Australia

Over all the easywalker ist he first synthetic horseshoe which is really suitable for all kind of performance sports.

Eberhard Reininger – Vet and Show Jumper/Germany

But they see that the easywalker is a very reliable shoe and last but not least a superior replacement for the traditional iron shoes!!!

Erna van Oosterwyck – Dressage Champion/Netherlands

The easywalker is an outstanding horseshoe which has been tested for more than two months now by the most important horses in our team and has won gold medals, among others with my own horse (Bridge).

Col. Oscar Codou – Military Dressage

World Champion 2002/Chile

This year since using easywalker horseshoes my horse Mr. Innocent has won and placed in many grand prix and as winner of Australian Pacific League. The ultimate advantage! I tell people try running a 100m sprint in steel cap boots and then in a pair of Nike Air you will feel the difference!

Tim Amitrano – Olympic Show Jumper/Australia

Going back to iron shoes would be like putting iron wheels on a sportscar.

Judy Rochon – Reining rider/USA

The easywalker improved the gaits and movements of one of my top horses dramatically.

Harald Riedl – Austrian eventing champion, participated at the WEG2002 on easywalker

Our first international competition, Fasna trail 2015 over 90 km’s, we ended second (first Dutch combination!) Coming year we will use the easywalker again, and as a lot of people know Monty, I am sure a lot of my ‚colleagues‘ will follow; ….. and I, I am happy for their horses!

Els van der Meulen – Endurance rider/Netherlands